A script to update UFW with VanwaNet IPs.

Zaktualizowano 11 godzin temu

A simple bash script for Linux servers running a Pleroma/Soapbox instance to update to a new build of Soapbox FE.

Zaktualizowano 2 dni temu

A simple information web page designed to help people frustrated with Gab find better alternatives.

Zaktualizowano 5 dni temu

A fork of the WordPress Twenty Seventeen theme; used to power the Sandia Mesa websites.

Zaktualizowano 6 dni temu

A set of customizations used to turn Soapbox/Pleroma into Traboone Social.

Zaktualizowano 1 tydzień temu

A set of customizations used to turn Gitea into Sandia Mesa Code.

Zaktualizowano 2 tygodni temu

Simple PHP class to handle WordPress and ClassicPress theme updates via Gitea releases; based on Aristeides Stathopoulos's github-theme-updater

Zaktualizowano 1 miesiąc temu

A simple WordPress/ClassicPress plugin that disables the HTML canvas fingerprinting method for emojis and renders the emoji with a different method.

Zaktualizowano 1 miesiąc temu

⚠ WIP: A user and comment frontend that may eventually be used to power the Sandia Mesa websites. Not ready yet for production use.

Zaktualizowano 1 miesiąc temu

The stylesheet used to power the Sandia Mesa Poal.co sub.

Zaktualizowano 1 miesiąc temu

Temporary fork of defiant-browser used to build Project Dorkus. This will eventually be scraped in favor of using Eloston's Ungoogled Chromium with dorkus-core running on top.

Zaktualizowano 2 miesięcy temu