The stylesheet used to power the Sandia Mesa sub.
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Bluewave Rouge

The stylesheet used to power the official Sandia Mesa sub.

How to reuse this stylesheet for your sub

To reuse this for your sub, do the following:

  1. Go to and download ‘bluewaverouge.(version).zip’.
  2. Extract the zip folder.
  3. Open bluewaverouge.css in a source code editor such as Notepad++ and make any modifications to it that you need to for your sub.
  4. Minify the stylesheet. We recommend using Andrew Chilton’s CSS Minifier to do so.
  5. Once you have copied the minified stylesheet to your clipboard, go to your sub and click the “Edit Sub Stylesheet” button towards the bottom of the right tab.
  6. Paste your minified stylesheet into the “Custom stylesheet” box and click “Save”.


Copyright (C) 2020 Sandia Mesa Animation Studios
Bluewave Rouge is licensed under the MIT License.