A covenant for Traboone Social moderators to keep our federation intact and prevent moderation abuse.
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Traboone Social Moderators’ Covenant

As Traboone Social grows and the number of moderators needed to keep up grows, we want to prevent admin/moderation abuse and keep federation with other instances (the greatest advantage we have over the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Gab) intact. Slightly adapted from The Fediverse-Friendly Moderation Covenant, we have written this covenant which all Traboone Social adminstrators and moderators must agree to.

For those looking to adapt our covenant, this should not be seen as a replacement to an instances’ set of rules, but rather an extension that checks and balances the power of the administrators and moderators of an instance. The covenant is found in covenant.md. Simply take the raw markdown or text format, adjust it for your needs, and copy it in your instance’s rules/terms.


Do you have any suggestions for the covenant? Is there any wrong wording or messed up grammar? Feel free to open an issue or make a pull request improving the covenant!

Who’s using the Moderators’ Covenant?

Currently, Traboone Social is the only one using this covenant. However, if you’re also using our covenant and want to be shown in this section, feel free to open a pull request to add your instance here or contact seanking@traboone.com.


The Traboone Social Moderators’ Covenant is licensed under CC0.